There's something about wearing a white tank over a black bra that feels painfully middle school. But here I am doing it, embracing the prepubescent angst by pairing it with cuffed black denim and the necessary tied button-up. Just letting it happen. This look goes out to my 15 year old sister and kids everywhere who hate their parents. Not that either of us hate our parents.

PLUS, a playlist reminiscent of my own middle school days. The bands I listened to on my MP3 while feeling all the feelings and obviously being cooler than everyone else.

cropped tank - H&M

high waist cuffed shorts - LEVI's via Deseret Industries

gingham button up - Deseret Industries

BESSIE platform sandals - Dr Martens


I'm convinced I was put on this earth to promote the "BESSIE" platform sandals from Dr Marten because they are literally the greatest things ever. They're tall enough you can wear them with thrifty, girly skirts like I've done here and feel "FANCY", but still low enough you can wear them with short shorts and not feel like you're overdoing it. Great with jeans. Great with socks. And DMs legitimately will last you forever.


And because it's August 1st and I'm feeling all the feelings, here's a playlist of chillout ambient and futurepop. 


crop top - JMR

floral midi skirt - Deseret Industries

"BESSIE" platform sandal - Doc Marten 



Let me tell y'all somethin' bout "dressing for the weather":  Don't.

When it's hot as balls outside and you're out of tiny, breezy tops because you haven't done laundry in probably months, dig an oversized button-up out of your closet and simply CUT IT INTO A SUMMER SHIRT! You'll never have to do laundry again!

I'd like to be buried in these pants, I think. I don't care that it's one thousand degrees, I'm wearing thick, black denim all year long.

If you're the kind of chick who goes weeks without doing laundry, you'll probably appreciate this playlist of garage-y psych rock + a little bit of post-punk. Or maybe you just like the greasy band boys.

newly cropped top - Deseret Industries

high waist denim - LEVI's via American Vintage

chunky ankle boots - H&M 

GOTH GIRL meshy socks - Urban Outfitters 



This look is inspired by.. hot moms everywhere.

I would never peg myself as a blazer type of girl, but for some reason I became obsessed with the idea of a slightly oversized, lightweight, floral blazer and was determined to find one. After nearly spending an obscene amount of cash at Free People, I spotted this lil thing at a cool spot called PIB'S. For $7.00. It's perfect. I can throw it over any ratty, grungy dress when I feel/look like absolute shit, and all of the sudden the look becomes intentional. Like, "Hello, I am a pretty, but not in-your-face feminine girl and IDGAF."

To go with this MILF CHIC look I've got a playlist featuring my favorite girl groups and chick harmonies that make you wish you were at Sunday brunch with your hot mom friends forever.

floral blazer - Pib's Exchange

crop top - Forever 21

swingy skirt - JMR

"Bessie" sandal - Doc Marten

sunglasses - Frankie Collective


I've got my pal Tyler to thank for this look. He's recently embraced the MALE CROP TOP and I am sooo into it. He buys button-up shirts and chops off just about every part of it, until you're left with a boxy, yet flowy and breathable top-thing. If nothing else, I will be remembered as the Queen of the Crop Top, so naturally I was inspired to do this to every single button-up in my closet. 

To go with this moveable, makeshift outfit I've got a playlist with my favorite WEIRD ASS time signatures. A little bit of math rock, not-human human sounds, and tracks that make you go, "Huh?"

newly-cropped top  -  DI

high-waist denim  -  LEVI's via American Vintage

monochromatic booties  -  Dolce Vita via Urban Outfitters

sunglasses  -  1 Look Vintage



Welcome to THE GRAVEYARD GIRL 2.0! A little bit of style out of SLC. A poor girl's guide to looking fresh. How to create badass looks with.. less than zero effort. I'm glad you're here!

I'm immensely bad at seasonal wardrobe transitions. A "summer look" for me typically means a "fall look" ..but minus a shirt? I don't know. Today I'm channeling my mother during her Spain-traveling college years (if she hadn't been a BYU student.. hi, midriff). With that in mind, naturally this look cost me next to nothing with the F21 crop and thrifted midi skirt fit to perfection..not including the Doc Martens, of course. Spend money on those. That shit will last you a lifetime.

I've also paired this getup with a playlist, complete with some of my favorite chick vocalists. Subtle, yet powerful. AGED GIRL POWER, if you will. Everything Lana Del Rey wishes she could be.


crop top - F21

floral midi skirt - DI

platform sandals - Doc Marten

sunglasses - JMR

photos by ANGIE PETTY